Pay with your Lebanese currency locally and internationally as a regular Credit Card in the settlement of all due payments, 


LBP Credit Card spares you any inconvenient change rates while giving you access to many additional benefits. 




  • Card type: Classic MasterCard
  • Card Currency: LBP 
  • Validity: 2 years
  • Card limit starting LBP 750,000
  • Applied Rates
    • ATM Rate on cash withdrawal 2%
    • POS Rate on all purchases 1.75%
  • Installment Options: Starting 5% with a minimum of  LBP 50,000



  • Free SMS Banking service 
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Loyalty program

You can apply for the LBP Card online or by visiting any LGB BANK branch , where our customer service representatives are ready for assistance.

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