Based on its ongoing pursuit of excellence and optimized customer satisfaction, LGB BANK aims to become the Bank of choice for Lebanese and regional customers. Through a consolidated network of branches and affiliates, we aim to establish lasting relationships with our customers and continuously improve our performance to gradually become a cornerstone in the banking industry.


At LGB BANK we thrive to provide our customers with best in line products and services that adapt to their evolving short and long term needs. Our mission is to establish trustful and personalized relations with each and every one of our clients while giving them access to a team of reliable professionals delivering high quality financial performance. We value excellence over quantity and settle for nothing less than outstanding results that surpass our clients’ expectations.




From one generation to another, the Bank has cumulated a valuable experience, building with time a successful and proven track record. LGB BANK firmly believes in the consistency and continuity that a valuable banking legacy can offer.


At LGB BANK we put our customers’ best interests at the forefront of our operations. We are fully convinced that it is only by delivering genuinely good services that we can achieve success. This is why we adopt a widely transparent strategy when dealing with our clients.


The Bank has a long and proven track record in the Lebanese market with a performance marked by the delivery of high quality products and services. Indeed, premium quality remains at the heart of our business strategy which aims at preserving high levels of customer satisfaction by offering impeccable services.


LGB BANK is as a reliable banking partner for Lebanese customers providing them with a diversified portfolio of products and services, all based on thorough analysis of the market and customers’ needs. We also put at the disposition of our clients a pool of industry experts who offer wise consultancy and liable financial decisions.

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