Your bank account has now a unique identity! Introducing the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), an international code assigned to bank accounts in order to determine the account details and speed up local and international money transfers.

IBAN Combination

From now on, each account will enjoy a unique identity with IBAN. This number is a combination of 28 digits and letters in Lebanon including:

Implementing the Central Bank’s Decision

Further to the Central Bank’s decision, circular No. 120 dated 14/04/2009 effective 01/07/2010, and in compliance with international standards, LGB BANK will apply the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) system to identify customers’ bank accounts.

IBAN is Mandatory

To ensure the proper execution of incoming and outgoing transfers, the IBAN number must be mentioned in all banking transactions. It is also important to inform the senders to use the IBAN number in order to avoid the Bank’s rejection of the incoming transfer.

To get your own personal IBAN or for more information about the new system, kindly visit your nearest LGB BANK branch or contact our 24/7 Call Center on 01-965965 for more information.

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