Borrow Today And Install Your Payments At Your Convenience

With LGB Credit Cards, you have the choice to buy now - in Lebanon or abroad - and pay at your convenience in minimum installments ranging from 5%, 10%, 20% and 30%,50%, up to 100%

Easy and Convenient

Use your Card to pay for your purchases such as groceries, gas, bills or even a cup of coffee; or for cash withdrawals.

Around the World

Access your Card locally and internationally wherever you are.

Spending Monitor

  • Review all your transactions through LGB Online Banking or through your monthly checking account statement.
  • Check your balance, or get a mini statement anytime through any LGB or CSC ATM network.
  • Get SMS alerts for any activity marked on your Card.

Help and Support

  • In case of loss, theft, suspected fraud, or any other inquiry you need to immediately contact the Customer Support Center at CSC Bank made available around the clock.
  • Tel: 1241 Or +961 1 738800 / +961 3 738800 
  • Fax: +961 1 756444
Visa Platinum Credit Card
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