Precautions while using ATMs

Remember, ATM theft can occur in two cases:

  1. Unauthorized withdrawals from an account; or
  2. The physical theft of cash as a person is completing a transaction.


Choosing an ATM

  1. Always check your ATM surroundings before conducting your transactions.
  2. Make sure the ATM’s area is well-lit in night time.
  3. Conduct your ATM transactions in busy areas for additional security. 


Using an ATM

  1. Always try to block the view of your transaction. 
  2. Do not accept help from strangers and never allow yourself to be distracted. If needed, call the Bank.


Leaving an ATM

  1. Don’t forget your card in the ATM.
  2. Discreetly put your money and card in your pocket.
  3. If the card gets blocked in the machine, contact the Bank immediately.
  4. Keep any receipts or statements with you or throw them away in the nearest garbage can.


ATM Network


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ATM Withdrawal Fee 

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