LGB Mobile Payment platform


LGB BANK  launches the innovative LGB Mobile Payment platform

Beirut, March 2015: In line with their sustained efforts to cope with ongoing changes in consumer behavior, LGB BANK  introduced the new LGB payment platform, the innovative and highly safe mobile payment solution that provides customers with an easy way to transform the mobile phone into a secure payment tool.

The groundbreaking mobile payment service comes in the form of a mobile application that is easily downloadable to any smartphone. By linking a credit card to a mobile number, the service enables customers to make secure and reliable purchases within the app, thus making it a whole new user experience.

With a few easy steps, LGB Mobile Payment allows end-users to carry Person to Merchant Payments, Person-to-Person Payments, Card-less ATM Withdrawals and ATM/Branch locators all through obtaining One-Time-Password (OTP) requests, which adds an extra level of security.

Mr. Samer Itani, Vice Chairman-CEO, commented, “LGB BANK is a pioneer in bringing its customers the easiest, most secure and convenient services. The more we give our customers what they need, the easier it is for us to engage with them on a personal level and advance their lifestyles,” adding that ‘We are excited to be at the forefront of innovation, providing easier and quicker ways for our customers to do their payments and banking services on the go.”

Using LGB Mobile Payment in a fast-changing world of digital payments offers the ability to manage and control money with confidence, as the new service aims to simplify a customer’s general lifestyle and facilitate daily routines. Through the provision of this multifunctional mobile payment service, LGB BANK realizes its importance in enhancing its customers’ everyday activities.


Gradually developing towards an expansion strategy which guarantees banking services and innovative solutions to the entire Lebanese region, and with a determination to provide its clientele with easy reach and continuously support their needs, LGB BANK s.a.l. recently opened a new branch in Kaslik, and continues to accelerate its growth with leading services and solutions, including the first UAE Dirham card as a prime example of budding innovation. Its Banking by Night services are also available till 10 pm at the Allenby branch in Downtown Beirut, with more services yet to come.

More information about the LGB Mobile Payment service is available on LGB BANK’s website (www.lgbbank.comor www.paycmo.com) or call the call center on 01-965965

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