LGB Loyalty Program

Among the variety of services LGB BANK s.a.l provides, it distinguishes itself with the LGB Miles Program and Loyalty program that enablethe beneficiaries to achieve their dreams and get closer to the cities they have always wished to visit, to contemplate their monuments and heritage. LGB BANK s.a.l is always keen to achieve its customers’ wishes through all its advances and unique services.

LGB BANK s.a.l aims at satisfying its customers and provide them with the best advances through its varied services, in order to meet their needs and facilitate their banking transactions. However, with the launching of LGB Miles and loyalty Programs, the bank does not only seek to meet the customers’ needs but also to realize their dreams and wishes. The different credit and charge cards entitle each individual to choose the most appropriate card, according to his needs and expectations.

In recognition to its customers and in line with the unique services it provides, LGB BANK s.a.l recently launched the LGB Miles program that offers a new and unique experience in terms of rewards and travelling. While using any card from LGB BANK s.a.l, the cardholder earns 1.5 miles for every one dollar spent, benefiting from a variety of travel opportunities.

The user can redeem his collected points online with a trip organized by a travel agency or by himself, knowing that LGB Miles program cares about the comfort of its clients and keeps all the possibilities open. The gifts suit everyone's taste, whether they like to organize the entire trip or they prefer to benefit from pre-organized trips. 

With every dollar, the cardholder has higher chances of collecting miles and redeeming them with trips to more than 55 destinations, thus creating beautiful memories with his loved ones such as the UAE Airlines and many more.

The LGB Miles program undergoes the LGB loyalty program that enables the beneficiary to redeem his points with valuable gifts. Upon issuing any new BANK card, the customer earns 75 miles. If the points or miles haven’t been redeemed within three years, they will be cancelled and invalid for redemption.

In addition to all these benefits, LGB BANK s.a.l cards enable their cardholders an unlimited complimentary access to more than 500 airport lounges worldwide, free insurance for many trips, free insurance on flight delays, access to the world's most important hotels and many others. These cards are characterized by the multiplicity of currencies like the USD, Euro, GBP, the AED,SAR and the LBP.

All LGB BANK s.a.l cardholders are eligible to benefit from the Loyalty program, and they will be automatically enrolled for free, without paying subscription fees.

In order to start collecting points and miles, the client’s personal account should be active to enter the Loyalty Program, accessible 24/7 on the website www.lgbbank.com. After inserting all personal credentials, it is possible to start collecting miles or points. The client receives a monthly statement of the accumulated points and the redeemed miles.

The launch of the Miles program added an additional step on the bank’s success, especially after the announcement of the unaudited financial results for the year 2015, where it won first place in the asset growth rate among Lebanese banking Group "Alpha", and came second in the deposit growth.  As for the loans and the private capital growth, it won the fourth place. The bank also achieved fifth place in the net profit growth rate. In addition to these figures, LGB BANK s.a.l has marked positive results in 2015 in terms of profitability, liquidity and capital efficiency.

Following its recent pioneering achievements among the Lebanese Banking Group “Alpha” on the unaudited financial results of the year 2015, where the bank was ranked first in the asset growth rate of 12.44%, ranked second in the deposit growth of 10.86%, ranked third in the growth of private capital that increased by 17.10%, ranked fourth in the growth of loans that increased by 8.43%, fifth place in the net profit growth rate of 13.14%, and received the MEFTECH award for the best retail bank of the year, LGB BANK s.a.l. seeks to acquire various awards that showcases its successes through its innovative and modern financial products offered in its 18 branches in Lebanon, a branch in Cyprus, and a representative office in Dubai, and through its highly secured and safe online banking services on mobile and web, in addition to a range of social media channels. Moreover, the bank customer’s benefit from an unprecedented services such as advanced loyalty program and night banking services, in addition to quality products such as foreign currency cards in UAE Dirhams, Turkish Lira, Saudi Riyal and Sterling Pound, as well as elite cards such as Black Card, Porsche Club Card and the Yacht Card.

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