Secure Your Payments Online

LGB Web Surfer Card is a prepaid card that allows you to securely perform internet shopping or purchase by telephone or mail order. It offers you an easy and safe way to shop or settle payments online.

The Web Surfer

Enjoy the freedom and pleasure of online purchasing with your LGB Web Surfer Card! Not only efficient and practical but also highly secure, this card is your ideal pass to online shopping.

Limit the Risk

By using your LGB Web Surfer Card you will be preserving the serial number of your high-limit payment card. Now you can reduce fraud risks while enjoying online shopping at the same time with your LGB Web Surfer Card, which has a low limit and can only be used online.


The LGB Web Surfer Card consists of a simple four-step procedure:

  1. Go to any LGB BANK branch
  2. Fill out the special payment form
  3. Deposit the form and the funds at the branch
  4. Your MasterCard will be operational within 72 hours of the deposit


Help and Support

  • In case of loss, theft, suspected fraud, or any other inquiry you need to immediately contact the Customer Support Center at CSC Bank made available around the clock.
  • Tel: 1241 Or +961 1 738800 / +961 3 738800 
  • Fax: +961 1 756444
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